Sunday 8 August 1999: Menez Hom Peace March (Finistere, Britanny)

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In 1996, the Mouvement de la Paix opposes French new nuclear weaponsenvisaged in the "military programme" for 1997-2003. It rejects the "eurobomb" plan, demands the dismantlement of NATO, and a new collective security in Europe.

In May 1996, the Mouvement de la Paix has launched a petition for "a nuclear weapon free world" and demand a genuine CTBT. The Mouvement de la Paix strongly supports the convening of a 4th special UN session of disarmament, nuclear disarmament in particular, as early as 1997.


In France, the Mouvement de la Paix comprises 210 local committees in cities and countries, and 250 additional correspondents in neighbourhoods and companies.


Its secretariat has 9 members. Its coordinator is Daniel Durand. Other members include Renée Aillaud, Daniel Cirera, Arielle Denis, Colette Detré, Micheline Guilhaumon, Claude Lignières, Roland Nivet and Guy Pin.


The Mouvement de la Paix has a monthly called "Combat pour la paix"
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